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A State-Of-Art Of The Alternative Sustainable Building Materials For Green Construction

EasyChair Preprint no. 7401

13 pagesDate: February 1, 2022


In recent years, the green concept is being encouraged expansively by ecologists.Construction materials play an indispensable partin establishing the built environment's vision at the core of the built environment. This permits the construction of a building capable of makingappropriate physical and psychological well-being conditions and fading the effect of construction activities on human health and the ecosystem. It is seen that various alternative sustainable building materials can replace the conventional building materials like cement, wood, aggregates, etc.  This work brings out a technology outline of the products and linked occupational prospectsconcentrating on sustainable development. It also brings out the different materials that could improve processing technologies and product innovation with the scientific and engineering skills application. Alternative materials are well-defined and detailed in various environments, making the design and construction community reluctant to utilize them. This work assesses the different parameters affecting the selection of sustainable construction materials and subsequently explores the world of eco-friendly and sustainable green construction materials. The study also reveals the advantages of using sustainable building materials over conventional materials.

Keyphrases: Alternate materials, Green, green materials, Sustainability, Sustainable construction

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