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Controlling Home Appliances Adopting Chatbot Using Machine Learning Approach

EasyChair Preprint no. 7524

15 pagesDate: March 9, 2022


In the last decades, home automation becomes popular and rapidly increased artificial intelligence-based controlling systems. So, many researchers have been interested in the Internet of things so that every appliance should be autonomous. Smart home technology is one of them. It involves certain electrical and electronic systems in a building with some degree of computerized or automated control. It can control elements of our home environments (e.g. light, fans, electrical devices, and safety systems). We propose an approach that fully controlled the home appliances by chatbot technology. In our research, the system can extract the device name such as light, fan, etc using synonyms. In the device name extraction part, we use Jaro-Winkler string matching algorithms. We have also used the Naive Bayes algorithm to take command for action. Finally, a Firebase-based system connects the users and controls hardware. Our model can control the home appliances from a long distance because we used the wireless fidelity system.

Keyphrases: Chatbot, Home Automation, Internet of Things, machine learning, Natural Language Processing

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