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Secure E-Voting Using Blockchain Technology

EasyChair Preprint no. 7034

6 pagesDate: November 11, 2021


Modern electronic voting systems use blockchain as the underlying storage model to make the voting process more transparent and provide data immutability as blockchain technology grows in popularity. The transparent feature, on the other hand, may reveal sensitive information about a candidate because all system users have the same right to their data. Furthermore, the pseudo-anonymity of blockchain will expose voters' privacy, and third parties involved in the voting process, such as registration institutions, will have the ability to tamper with data. We use an authority management technique in blockchain-based voting systems to overcome these challenges. We propose AMVchain, a fully decentralized and efficient blockchain-based voting system, in this paper. AMVchain offers a three-tier access control design, with smart contracts doing validation and granting rights at each layer. To protect ballot privacy, a linkable ring signature is used in the voting process. By incorporating proxy nodes, AMVchain also imposes a compromise between efficiency and concurrency. The results of the studies reveal that our system meets the basic requirements in the presence of a large number of concurrent users.

Keyphrases: AVM machine, Blockchain, Privacy, voting

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