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A Toolkit for Automatically Generating and Modifying VR Hierarchy Tile Menus

EasyChair Preprint no. 10801, version 3

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13 pagesDate: August 31, 2023


Current VR/AR system development studios lack a toolkit to automatically generate hierarchical tile menu layouts and menu prototypes for VR/AR devices without the need for user programming. This paper proposes a toolkit that automatically generates a hierarchy tile menu layout via a modified circular treemap algorithm and allows users to interactively arrange and resize tiles to form various layouts with their preferences or needs via a circle packer method and then automatically generates a VR/AR menu prototype based on the outputted layout. Moreover, reprogramming is also not required each time when the hierarchy is modified, or the menu layout is redesigned. The user test shows that the proposed toolkit simplifies the creation of hierarchy tile menu layouts, improves the creation efficiency of users, and allows users to flexibly create hierarchical tile menu prototypes based on their design idea.

Keyphrases: Tile menu, toolkit, user interface, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality

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