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Voting System Based on Blockchain Technology

EasyChair Preprint no. 7724

9 pagesDate: April 6, 2022


Many people's lives have been aided by digital technology in recent years. Unlike the electoral system, which uses a lot of traditional paper in its implementation. The issue of security and transparency is threatened by the extensive use of the traditional electoral method (offline). General elections are still run under a centralized system, which is overseen by a single institution. Some of the issues that can arise in traditional electoral systems include the ability for an entity with complete control over the database and system to tamper with the database of significant opportunities. Blockchain technology is one of the solutions since it is based on a decentralized system in which multiple people own the entire database. The Bitcoin system, also known as the decentralized Bank system, has used blockchain. One of the main sources of database manipulation can be reduced by using blockchain in the dissemination of datasets on e-voting systems. This study examines the use of the blockchain algorithm to record voting results from every election location. Unlike Bitcoin's Proof of Work, this thesis offered a technique based on each node in the built-in blockchain performing a specified turn on the system.

Keyphrases: Bitcoin system, Blockchain, e-voting, electoral system, Ethereum, Privacy, Security, smart contracts

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