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Design and Fabrication of Automatic Dustless Chalk Making Machine

EasyChair Preprint no. 2488

5 pagesDate: January 29, 2020


In today’s world of automation the traditional chalk making machine is left behind due to lack of automation in this industry. Our project work includes the design and fabrication of automatic dustless chalk making machine. Our main aim is to automate the traditional chalk making machine for ease of manufacturing. The machine consists of traditional machine components such as Hopper, Mould and Ejectors as well as electronic system for the purpose of automation. The basic working of this machine is to mix the ingredients of chalk in the Hopper with the help of AC motor, this mixture is poured in the mould and dried with the help of heating system. The ejection system ejects the chalks from the mould, the ejected chalks are collected in a tray. All the above processes are automated with the help of Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The automation system consists of speed controller of AC motor, sweeping movement is controlled by servo motor, the sliding movement of the mould and ejection movement is control by stepper motors. The sensors like temperature and humidity, displacement are used to sense various parameters.

Keyphrases: automatic, Chalk, Design, Dustless, Engineering, Fabrication

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