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Smart Petrol Pump Using RFID & GSM Technology

EasyChair Preprint no. 5545

5 pagesDate: May 19, 2021


This paper talks about fuel dispensing system and on details of how a user makes use of RFID technology in current day fuel usage. The proposed system ensures the fueling process by making it easier and secure. The system uses a petrol bank card just like our available debit cards, the customer can swipe the card in the bunk and if they haven't reached their monthly limit, the refilling will be successful, else an error message is sent to the customer mobile. It uses ELA816B RFID reader with its passive tags. RFID is commonly known as identification of Radio Frequency. In this proposed work, RFID system is a microcontroller-based system that reduces the man power and dispenses the accurate amount of fuel. RFID Based Automated Petrol Pump is to reduce human work and to implement the task sequentially by using RFID technology. This digital petrol pump system also provides the security for the customers for filling petrol at the Petrol stations by avoiding the involvement of human beings, hence reduces the risk of carrying money. RFID technology can be developed and used in many areas; flexible, reliable and cheap. So, application areas of this technology been tried to be a solution to problems in fuel stations. Petrol pump is equipped with a smart card reader/write, then driver swaps the card and the smart card reader(reads) the amount in the card and will display it on the LCD. The technology has the both software and hardware design. RFID development kit used in the design of the fuel recognition system is ELA816B with the passive tags (Tags without internal power supply, are called passive tags). In the automated petrol pump the driver then enters the quantity of petrol that has to be filled in the keypad. By replacing the barcode technology has the major advantage of being independent of sight problems and scanning the objects from a far distance.

Keyphrases: Alarm, ARM-7 Controller, Buzzer alarm, GSM, Keypad, LCD display, level sensor, power supply, Relay, RFID reader, smoke sensor

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