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Developing Behavioral Assessment Criteria for Software Developers Using a Psychometric Test

EasyChair Preprint no. 8192

7 pagesDate: June 4, 2022


A suitability assessment instrument for software developers was created using a psychometric criteria that identify the impact of behavior on the performance of software engineers. The instrument uses a questionnaire to help both individuals and IT recruiters to identify the psychological factors that affect the working performance of software engineers. Our study identifies the relationship between the behavioral drivers and the programming abilities of the subjects. In order to evaluate the instrument, a total of 100 respondents were compared on the basis of their programming skills and nine behavioral drivers. It was concluded that there is a direct relationship between certain human qualities, such as “Attention to Detail,” and the programming style of the students, while the “Locus of Control” factor was observed to have a negative correlation with performance in programming.

Keyphrases: Human factors in software engineering, Psychometric Test, social aspects of software engineering

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