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A Proposed Blended Educational Framework for Administration of Enterprises in Nowadays’ Greek Financial Crisis

EasyChair Preprint no. 86

8 pagesDate: April 23, 2018


Training on issues concerning the administration of enterprises is very wide spread in educational systems and is requested from most people who want to work for enterprises or to become entrepreneurs themselves. Many Greek universities, institutions and organizations that support life-long learning offer education on this subject field. Greek entrepreneurs nowadays need to face issues that they have not faced before and were not able to predict, due to the current Greek financial crisis. Many of them have studied to the above programs to get the background knowledge for their job, however the great difficulties that they seem to face and the continuous closing of the enterprises demonstrate that the knowledge they got is not applicable and effective to solve the current issues. In an attempt to solve this problem the creation of a blended learning course is proposed to train Greek entrepreneurs on how to practically face their issues. The program will consider the characteristics of human nature that resists to changing of thinking. It will focus on persuading entrepreneurs about the importance of applying the presented new effective strategies and on how to practice them. The proposed educational framework will combine the asynchronous and synchronous communication, so that entrepreneurs can access from their mobile devices. This will make it easier for them to study, considering the daily stressed program of the entrepreneurs. The synchronous meetings will assist interaction where current real problems of entrepreneurs will be presented and solutions based on the practices will be discussed so that the entrepreneurs will practice systematically the theory. On campus support will also be offered partially with the aim to assist entrepreneurs and future students all over the country.

Keyphrases: aetma lab, become entrepreneur, blended learning, blended learning course, Entrepreneurs, financial condition, Greek Economy, greek enterprise, greek entrepreneur, Greek financial crisis, greek market, managing enterprise, market demand, mobile learning, organizing and managing, practical solutions, synchronous communication, training

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