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Innovative Approaches to Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Emissions in Coal Combustion

EasyChair Preprint no. 11736

6 pagesDate: January 10, 2024


This research paper delves into the contemporary challenges of coal combustion, aiming to explore innovative strategies that enhance efficiency and concurrently mitigate emissions. The burning of coal remains a vital energy source globally, yet its environmental repercussions necessitate a transformative shift towards cleaner and more sustainable practices. The study critically assesses emerging technologies and methodologies designed to optimize combustion processes, minimize waste, and reduce the ecological footprint associated with coal-fired power generation. The investigation encompasses a comprehensive review of cutting-edge advancements in combustion engineering, emission control systems, and integrated technologies. Furthermore, the paper investigates the economic viability and scalability of these innovative approaches, considering the potential hurdles and incentives for widespread adoption.

Keyphrases: Coal, Combustion, efficiency

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