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Indicators for Assessment Progress Towards Urban Freight Transport Sustainability

EasyChair Preprint no. 11522

8 pagesDate: December 13, 2023


Today, assessing the sustainability of urban freight transport is crucial to deal with its negative impact. In this context, many indicators were developed to track the progress of sustainable transport system. These indicators guarantee communication and facilitate the interaction between private and public actors. However, selecting the appropriate indicator presents a particular challenge because of the large number of the available indicators. This study provides a literature review to discuss the selection of sustainability indicators in the field of transport and focus on the main methodological choices. Its aims to identify and to compare the advantages and limitations of selecting approaches. A total 14 studies conducted in the period 2002-2022 are examined. Important methods to select indicators are summarized. The obtained results show that most researchers focused on public transport; as well as a lack of consideration of others sustainability dimensions was highlighted. Then, the most frequently-used methods to select indicators are based on previous literature and proprieties. A set of recommendations is presented in order to develop future research.

Keyphrases: assessment methods, Sustainability, sustainability dimensions, sustainability indicators, urban freight transport

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