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Research on Power Data Mining Algorithm Based on Transfer Learning

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8 pagesDate: September 7, 2022


With the development of new energy power grid construction, the scale of the power grid is expanding day by day, and the accidents are also increasing by the failure of the power grid and the collapse of the whole network. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the power data diagnostic voltage measurement capability of the power grid and customize quantitative indicators based on the evaluation content. At the same time, massive data mining is carried out during the operation of the power grid to form visual data content, which is convenient for operation and maintenance personnel to maintain and monitor the power grid. This paper takes the supervised power data mining method as the technical core based on the above. It formulates the evaluation system of power-data-diagnosis and voltage measurement capability based on big data to conduct technical evaluation and related visualization technology research.

Keyphrases: Power data mining, SVM, Transfer Learning

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