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Travel Behavior of Female University Students and Impacts of Ride-Sharing on Mode Choice: a Case Study

EasyChair Preprint no. 4693

6 pagesDate: December 2, 2020


In recent times, gender is gradually being considered as an important factor in the planning of transportation infrastructure and services in the context of developing countries like Bangladesh, especially when dealing with the transportation needs of individuals in urban areas. Females and males have differing preferences when it comes to mode choice as their experiences differ in terms of approachability and safety of the available modes of the overall transportation system. With a view to better comprehend the travel behavior of female students, factors which have an impact on their preferred mode of transportation as well as the impact ride sharing applications have made on their travel behavior have been investigated in this study using travel pattern data collected from 360 female university students via a web-based questionnaire. The study focused on two groups of female students: those living in dormitories (residents) and those who were not (non-residents). The outcomes show the significant distinction the introduction of ride sharing services has made in their travel behavior and mode choice. The results of this study will provide useful insight in the evaluation of existing transportation systems and furthermore, point towards the necessary modifications that can be made. Consequently, this may help concerned authorities and policy makers to ensure that the same level of service is provided by the transportation system to both genders to ensure an equitable society.

Keyphrases: developing country, ride-sharing, statistical analysis, travel behavior, Women

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