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Japanese Visual Media Graph: Providing researchers with data from enthusiast communities

EasyChair Preprint no. 1800

6 pagesDate: October 31, 2019


The project “Japanese Visual Media Graph” aims to create a research database on Japanese visual media, including, but not limited to anime, manga, computer games and visual novels. It is aimed at researchers in Japan studies who focus on modern media and its expressions, themes, topics, characters and reception. We envision a graph-based, highly interconnected database structure, similar to the Google knowledge graph that is combined with a flexible search interface and analytic tools. We intend to use the data on Japanese visual media that is being created and curated by the many enthusiast communities on the web. An initial survey of several larger community websites showed an incredible depth of information, a deep understanding of the source material as well as a high attention to details on part of the volunteer contributors. As such, making contact with these communities and learning about their needs and motivations is one of the main project elements. We intend to engage into a meaningful discussion with representatives and administrators of the community sites in order to establish a long-term cooperation that benefits both sides.

Keyphrases: enthusiast communities, graph based database, Japanese visual media, metadata, Ontologies

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