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ICT for Training and Evaluation of the Solar Impact on Aviation Safety

EasyChair Preprint no. 4408

7 pagesDate: October 16, 2020


The paper discusses information and communication technology use for studying reasons of aviation accidents because of the aviation operator errors as result of internal and external influence. The model and technique are proposed and include integrated ICT united previously developed (initial professional selection and day-to-day pre-shift check), open access cloud-based (NASA and ICAO) and real-time oper-ative (air traffic controllers and pilots control) ICTs, which data are stored in one database. Proposed ICT has been checked to study effect of the solar wind parame-ters (speed and density) on appearance of aviation incidents and accidents during one year observation. Results of that study were compared with corresponding results of another period of solar activity, as well as with data obtained in laboratory condi-tions to study cognitive tests performance under effect of the solar wind.

Keyphrases: astrophysics, aviation safety, database, human factor, ICT

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