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Climate Change Impacts on Building Energy Requirements

EasyChair Preprint no. 6608

14 pagesDate: September 15, 2021


The population growth and the global warming would significantly affect the total building energy demand to maintain comfort conditions. Because of the global temperature rise, the heating load may decrease in some regions but considerably augment the cooling load. In addition, the energy required for cooling load is much higher than that of heating load. Thus, it is of quite importance to evaluate the future energy demand for built environment in order to put efforts in improving energy systems and efficiency, and to develop energy policies to mitigate and adapt climate change impacts. Present work consolidates the studies related to the climatic change impacts on built environment. The adopted methodology and predictions of building energy change are presented, critically analyzed and discussed in this work.  Finally, the challenges related to the building energy requirement are presented.

Keyphrases: buildings, climate change, cooling, energy use, global warming, heating

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