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Data Privacy Preservation Based on Multitenant Isolation in Cloud

EasyChair Preprint no. 2850

5 pagesDate: March 3, 2020


Cloud computing is a whole new paradigm that offers a non-traditional computing model for organizations to adopt Information Technology. In Cloud Computing systems, the data is stored on remote servers access through internet. And the main reason behind its rapid growth is its capability to share resources at various remote location, its flexibility, low cost, scalability etc. which has also helped in its major development but with its growth, the security issues like confidentiality, availability, and integrity becomes a major concern. The security problem related to data’s get amplified under the cloud new dimensions are introduced. This paper provides a secure cloud computing architecture based on multi-tenant isolation using Universal Onaway Hash function (SHA-256) and Universal Unique identifier (UUID) ensuring authentication, confidentiality and integrity. In this paper, it use access control mechanism for authenticating the users, then encrypted hash function for secure transition between client’s side to the server and unique identifier that provide isolation to the file in the server. The scope of the paper is basically for PAAS model of Cloud Computing and Public Cloud.

Keyphrases: Cloud Computing, Cloud Multi-Tenant, isolation, Security

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