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Exploring Parents’ Security and Privacy Concerns and Practices

EasyChair Preprint no. 66

6 pagesDate: April 15, 2018


Children today grow up within an environment with many digital technologies. Yet, the use of technology also brings with it the need to protect one’s information and devices, and for parents, the need to protect their children as well. Previous research on children has mainly focused on addressing technology use among older teens, who are already primary users of many of the same applications as adults. Yet, little is known about the use of technology by younger children, and parents’ perspectives regarding the privacy and security implications of that use. Through 20 semi-structured interviews conducted with parents of children aged 5-12, this study seeks to provide a clearer understanding of security and privacy related concerns, behaviors, and practices of parents and their children. We aim to expand the knowledge related to technology use in the family, and opportunities to improve how we protect and educate children in security and privacy.

Keyphrases: children, parents, Privacy, Security

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