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A Low-Cost Electrical Rotary Machinery Fault Detector

EasyChair Preprint no. 1034

6 pagesDate: May 27, 2019


Nowadays, electrical rotary machinery is widely used in production lines, turning machines, ventilation and air conditioning systems. For continuous production and reliability, vibration analysis is commonly used for maintenance and failure detection. There are several tools that help users to diagnose faults but cannot be used due to high costs and other limitations. This project presents a low-cost diagnostic system for electrical rotaries based on vibration analysis. The proposed system includes a vibration sensing device, which is placed in each machine, containing a low cost accelerometer, an amplification circuit, and a micro controller that sends the data to an Android application using Bluetooth technology. After receiving the data, the Android application computes the Fast Fourier Transform, and analyzes these data in order to detect and identify the fault. Once the fault is identified, it is displayed in the application along with a set of useful recommendations to repair the machine, prevent major degradation and or damages. The Android application also gives the user the option to save the diagnostics and see a history of previous reports for any registered machine.

Keyphrases: Accelerometer, Fast Fourier Transform, fault detection, Fourier transform, machinery fault, mass-unbalance, spectral analysis

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