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Rational Use of Collector-Drainage Water

EasyChair Preprint no. 3208

7 pagesDate: April 20, 2020


The greatest importance in the Republic of Uzbekistan is given to water management. The problem of water resources lies in the irrational use of collector-drainage waters, which lead to a deterioration in the quality of river waters. Of the existing collector-drainage waters in Uzbekistan, water with a salinity of up to 2 g / l makes up 38%, with a salinity of up to 3 g / l makes up 23%, with a salinity of more than 3 g / l, sometimes reaching up to 10 g / l makes up 37% of total volume of collector-drainage water. With an increase in mineralization, the amount of toxic salts decreases, and these waters also contain a large amount of pesticides and herbicides. Some of these waters are used for irrigation, the rest are dumped into depressions or rivers creating an environmentally unfavorable environment.

Measures are necessary for the disposal and rational use of collector-drainage water, which will improve the environmental situation and may be an additional source of irrigation in a dry period. The object of research is collector-drainage water forming in the Ferghana region of the Republic of Uzbekistan. To solve this problem, it is necessary to improve the environmental situation and it is recommended that three points be implemented:

• study the existing volume of collector-drainage water and use it for irrigation;

• apply new technologies aimed at water saving during irrigation;

• do not discharge pumped water from vertical drainage wells with good salinity into the drainage network.

Applying these technologies, it is possible not only to improve the condition of irrigation water, but also to use water as an additional source of irrigation. By covering the deficit of irrigation water with drainage water and rational redistribution of the water limit from the source between the districts, the water supply in the regions is equalized and will reach 50-70 percent, and the water supply in the region will increase.

Keyphrases: collector-drainage water, Drainage network, Irrigation, mineralization, research, water resources

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