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Design and Analysis of Automated Detaching of Coconut and Branches from Tree using a robot

EasyChair Preprint no. 4254

10 pagesDate: September 25, 2020


The motivation of this paper is to make the robot interact with surrounding and cut the coconut autonomously. As technology is getting advanced things are getting simpler for us. By the mean of Autonomous it is possible to increase productivity and get things easier. The robot consists of hexagon chassis of two segments, in between two segments three motors and wheels are assembled. For automatic arrangement of robot with tree diameter, lead screw mechanism is used. The chassis is designed with the help of CAD software and analysis was done considering maximum load factor. For rotation robot about tree axis, motor mount is made such that it can rotate up to 90 degree. The motion of robot is manually controlled from ground using remote. For cutting of Coconuts robotic arm is used, on which cutting plate is mounted. Webcam mounted on robotic arm is used for giving feedback to controller. Motor driver, raspberry pi used for giving motion to robot.

Keyphrases: DC motor, Limit Switch, Raspberry Pi, robotic arm, Threaded rod mechanism, webcam

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