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Sports Marketing: Feelings and Emotions of Soccer Fans in Brazil (an Abstract)

EasyChair Preprint no. 3235

6 pagesDate: April 23, 2020


Sport is an exponent in the society, providing opportunities for leisure, health and integration, also providing group identity, especially soccer, which is the sport that receives the most attention from Brazilians. Brazil is the fifth largest sports market, standing out among the other countries for having already held the biggest sporting events such as FIFA World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016. Soccer allows people to identify themselves with the team motivated by several factors. The product of a football club goes far beyond the entertainment provided to the fan; it involves the excitement and pleasure of belonging to a group. Although this modality of sport is widespread in Brazil, scientific studies in the area are lacking in the literature, being limited to primary or descriptive approaches on the subject. This gap has already been pointed out by authors. From this perspective, it is necessary to investigate consumer behavior in the sportive context of soccer, as well as how feelings and emotions are involved in this context, as research on emotions and consumption can serve as guidance for managerial marketing decisions. The present study aimed to analyze feelings and emotions of soccer fans in Brazil.

Keyphrases: consumer behavior, Feelings and Emotions, Soccer Fans, Sports Marketing

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