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Ingenious Home Automation System

EasyChair Preprint no. 1888

6 pagesDate: November 8, 2019


Ingenious Home Automation System is a wireless home automation system that is supposed to be implemented in existing home environments, without any changes in the infrastructure. The system consists of a central device, a server and an Android or iOS application. The central device is a microprocessor, in this case, a Raspberry PI that connects to the Internet and receives an order to control the appliances, while the Amazon Web Services (AWS) server manages users and devices, and handles the communication between the application and the central device. The application is a frontend which presents the user with a list of devices to interact with. The system lets the homeowner control home appliances by using their smartphone or tablet and voice recognition. This should happen depending on time or other sensor reading such as lights, door sensor, windows blinds, power outlet, and door lock. All these smart appliances are made of custom circuit boards to replace home automation prototypes and all these devices will be installed in residential for used in the real world.

Keyphrases: Home Automation System, Internet of Things, Raspberry Pi, real world, smart appliances, wireless communication

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