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Digital Curation with Semantic MediaWiki and Wikidata in numismatic research

EasyChair Preprint no. 1853

9 pagesDate: November 5, 2019


The FINA wiki is a Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) supporting numismatic re-search showing how digital curation can be facilitated. It focuses on curation of non-published material such as letters or manuscript sources scattered over archives and libraries across the world and previously neglected by scholars. A vast number of knowledge visualisations like maps, timelines, charts, word clouds or flow charts provide researchers with better support for handling large amount of content. With a simple mechanism, SMW can query Wikidata and users adding content can decide to use the suggested Wikidata IDs as point of reference. By leveraging Semantic Web standards, SMW instances can ensure long-term viability of valuable digital content.

Keyphrases: collaboration, controlled vocabularies, digital curation, Knowledge Visualisation, metadata, Numismatics, Semantic MediaWiki, Semantic Web, Wikidata, Wikis

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