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Evaluating Smart PSS Solutions with Context-Awareness in Usage Phase

EasyChair Preprint no. 3791

10 pagesDate: July 8, 2020


With the mature development of IoT techniques, smart PSS emphasizes the digital transformation of the traditional PSS, which is an ever-evolving and value-co-creation system with the participation of users through the whole product lifecycle, especially during the usage stage. However, due to the fast and frequent change of the users’ requirements based on various usage situations, the smart PSS providers are supposed to evolve their product-service bundles according to the trends of usage situations. Facing to the problems of disequilibrium of service investment and the expected values, it is critical to determine when to evaluate the smart PSS performance and whether it is worth to reallocate the resources of product-service bundles during the usage phase. In this article, we treat the smart PSS evaluation process as a complex and multi-criterion decision-making (MCDM) problem, and propose a context-aware approach to evaluate the smart PSS performance before launching to the market and even during the usage phase.

Keyphrases: context-aware, context-awareness, decision making, Product-Service Systems, solution evaluation, Sustainability

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