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Semi Automatic Farming

EasyChair Preprint no. 7489

7 pagesDate: February 23, 2022


In India most of the population are practising agriculture as their livelihood and can never be underestimated. Although its contribution in the gross domestic product (GDP) has reduced to less than 20 per cent and contribution of other sectors increased at a faster rate, agricultural production has grown. This made India the rice bowl of the world and it is one of the greatest exporters of farm products.

Increasing population, increasing average income and globalisation effects in India will increase demand for quantity, quality and nutritious food, and variety of food. Farmers in India are giving up the farming field because there are no more profits in this field and there are lot of risk factors included. Farmers are still not able to earn respectable earnings. Future of agriculture is a very important topic to be looked up to.

Government and other organisations are trying to increase interest towards this sector by introducing some new schemes and policies. So, for the improvement of agriculture in the future, we introduce this project where we automate the process of farming which includes ploughing, sowing, spraying pesticides, irrigation, harvesting by introducing a monorail setup which is powered by means of an electric source. The movement of head on the track would be remote controlled.

Keyphrases: Agriculture, ANSYS, Automated Process, CAD, Load and Material analysis, Monorail setup, prototype, remote control

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