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DIN, DON, DAN - Geometry and Bells

EasyChair Preprint no. 308

16 pagesDate: June 28, 2018


SUMMARY In this work, we address an example of the construction of bells where formulas for the application of geometry intervene, often converted into a true "state secret" by their manufacturers. The bells, religious or civil instruments, also become beautiful musical instruments, which call according to their sonority, different passages of religious life or the announcement of certain circumstances of civil life, awakening joy, welcome, warning, and most of the times a warm sound of musical concerts that invite you to enjoy that which is called "calm". In the development of the work we will appear to present the following items: manufacture of bronze bells, master melters, main factories of the world; history, epigraphy, iconography, touches and signs of their sound significance; main bell towers in the world, the Cathedral of La Plata, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Keyphrases: bells, Epigraphy, geometry, iconography, sonority

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