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The Economic and Technical Factors During Coronavirus Pandemic in Affected Countries

EasyChair Preprint no. 4857

5 pagesDate: January 4, 2021


The pandemic coronavirus (COVID-19) which spreads through contact with an infected person has already brought a significant change in the world’s economy and human misery. It has made everything so uncertain globally. The crude oil war between two biggest exporters Saudi Arabia and Russia has also added fuel to fire. All big investment decisions are on a halt due to this uncertain situation around the globe. Not only the finance sectors are suffering but human life is at great risk which proves health is more important than wealth. However, biodiversity is blooming which can help people realise how important mother nature is for all of us which may result in new sustainable development ideas. In this crucial situation, India is a developing country, and has a very big opportunity at its doors to finally take the ultimate Make in India strategy at work. If this strategy is handled nicely during this time it would help to create more jobs for the people of the country for now and for the future as well which will make it easier to recover from this pandemic. This pandemic can be a big lesson in the country about how much they are dependent on China and other countries. Many countries who earlier were dependent on China for various goods are now searching for other sources and India can take advantage of this moment very well if it takes actions accordingly. Technology has also played a crucial rule. Machine Learning models are used to track and efficiently deal with the spread of the virus.

Keyphrases: Coronavirus, machine learning, stock market, Trade

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