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Attendance monitoring Using IOT for transportation Systems

EasyChair Preprint no. 2869

5 pagesDate: March 5, 2020


This project is about building up a gadget to screen co-ordinate GPRS based webcam and support attendance framework for school understudies. The reason for the venture is to determine the issues looked in security issues of school transportation offices. Wrong anticipation utilizing remote observing is one of the points of the present investigation. There are a few observing frameworks, for example, camera, CCTV and so on. We give the live camera footage to parents just in case needed. We likewise give notice to the parents by giving vehicle location to parents which can keep the student from missing the school vehicle. It additionally gives the live location of the vehicle to the transport department office, along this monitoring the school vehicle and the guaranteeing the security of the kid. This tackles issues like unapproved individual entering into school vehicles and furthermore records the student entering and leaving the vehicle. This framework can likewise be utilized in IT organizations or workplaces to check the employees and furthermore secure unapproved individual entering the premises.

Keyphrases: Cloud Storage, embedded system, image quality, surveillance embedded IP camera

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