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Analysis of Factors Influencing Skin Care Brand Selection Within Two-Stage Choice Process Framework

EasyChair Preprint no. 8945

10 pagesDate: October 3, 2022


The Indonesian market for skin care products is undeniably competitive, pushing companies to have a better understanding of their consumer behaviours. According to research on the two-stage choice process, different decision rules are used on the first stage (consideration stage) and the final stage (choice stage). Research also found despite the fact that some skin care brands were very strong in the initial stage of consideration in terms of their brand positioning, they had less impact in the choice stage. This indicates that the decision rules are different at each stage. The primary goal of this study is to identify influencing factors at both the consideration and choice stages, as well as the relationship between them. Primary data was collected through an online questionnaire using purposive sampling. Respondents were limited to women over the age of 15 who had purchased serum. The collected data was examined using Second-order Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA). This study confirmed that there are different set of influencing factors at both stages. Consideration stage is influenced by recommendation & review, advertisement, and quality & credibility of the brand; meanwhile choice stage is influenced by advertisement, price & promotion, and quality & credibility of the brand. Recommendation & review is the most influencing factor at consideration stage, whereas advertisement is the most influencing at choice stage. Recommendation & review is only being considered at consideration stage, whilst price & promotion is only being considered at choice stage. This study also found that there is high correlation between consideration and choice stage. Looking from managerial perspective, insight taken from this study would give company guidance on concocting marketing strategy for skin care brand within the two-stage choice process framework.

Keyphrases: consumer behavior, factor analysis, skin care brand, two-stage choice process

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