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Productivity Improvement for Lamp Assembly Process in Electronics Industry

EasyChair Preprint no. 8842

6 pagesDate: September 20, 2022


The electronic part manufacturing company in the author’s research encountered loss problem from waiting in the part assembly process, which caused idling, non-continuous working process and productivity falling short of the customer demand of 30,720 parts per month. Currently the factory was able to produce 23,040 parts per month. The factory worked 6 days per week, 22 hours per day (in 2 shifts), and overtime work was needed to make up the shortfall. The Company therefore aimed to improve productivity to be able to deliver parts at the number in demand by the customer while only working 16 hours per day without overtime. The author therefore came with Takt Time calculation that would manufacture to the customer’s demand. The author collected information time each working cycle of each subprocess of taillight assembly. The data collection revealed delay in Wire assembly and PCBA & Carrier assembly process, thus all the other subsequent processes had to wait. The author analyzed the problem using Why-Why Analysis and Tree diagram to improve the process. This case, process improvement was done with the ECRS technique. After improvement, it was found that the working cycle was reduced by 92.14 seconds, from overall cycle time at 542.17 seconds to 450.03 seconds (16.99% reduction), which did not exceed the Takt Time and could reduce one process while still able to meet the customer’s demand within the 16-hour daily work period without the need for overtime work (6 hours per day). This also generated morale for the employees.

Keyphrases: ECRS, Lean Manufacturing, Productivity

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