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State of the Art Factors That Influence to Small and Medium Business Development in Northeastern of Thailand

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6 pagesDate: December 2, 2020


The objective of this article was to study the current state of factors in the development of small and medium enterprises in Northeast Thailand. This study had compiled various research articles, research papers, and related reports both at home and abroad during the years 2012-2020. By doing so, the researcher aimed to use the acquired information as guidelines or possible measures in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, so that such enterprises could function in accordance with the 20-year National Strategy (2018 - 2037), especially in the Second Area, the Ability to Compete Against Competitors, Issue 5:Economic Development on the Basis of Modern Entrepreneurs and the Creation of Smart Entrepreneurs; the Provision of Opportunities to Access Financial Services, Market, Data & Information; and the Role Adjustment of Entrepreneurs and State Institutions and Opportunities for Accessing Government Services.Over the last few years, the economy had begun to fluctuate. It was found that from 2017-2019, the total number of legal entities has decreased and the number of dissolved legal entities had continued to increase. The northeastern region, which has the most area in Thailand, was found to have the number of legal entities in the third order, accounting for only 10.67% and the number of liquidated legal entities is in the second-order, accounting for 10.77%. There were eight provinces listed in the last ten provinces with the lowest GPP values, namely Chaiyaphum, Bueng Kan, Buriram, Amnat Charoen, Sakon Nakhon, Mukdahan, Nong Bua Lam Phu, and Yasothon. From the mentioned economic conditions, this study of the current state of the related contributing factors was then conducted and found that there were five related factors: management planning, finance and accounting, the vision of the organization's leader, business knowledge, and product development.

Keyphrases: factor to development business, failure business, GDP, GPP, Small and Medium Business, SME

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