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Multicriteria Strategy of Power Managing System for Ships Power Plants for Combined Propulsion Complexes

EasyChair Preprint no. 8126

15 pagesDate: May 31, 2022


Increasing the efficiency of hybrid ship propulsion complexes (CPC) according to various criteria of energy management strategies.On the basis of classification of topologies of circuitry solutions of ship power plants (SPP) of the CPC, for mechanical, electric and hybrid types of engines, the flowchart of control strategies for the criterion of minimum energy consumption is defined. The change in the technical component of the traditional approach to the construction of hybrid CPC's power systems applies the principle of modifying the structure of the SPP with the integration of an additional static power supply as the dynamic reserve, which has allowed meeting the current energy efficiency requirements, vibration levels, noise and degradation effects produced for the SPP CPC in all energy fields for energy transfer to propellers. The simulation of energy transfer to propellers in MatLab/Simulink is carried out using optimization blocks and identifying markers. The result is to identify the main advantages and disadvantages of SPP CPC depending on the topology of energy distribution systems. In accordance with the chosen structure of the electricity distribution system, the principles of the transmission of electricity in the SPP of the CPC and energy systems and their management strategies in terms of improving efficiency and elimination of these shortcomings were obtained. Finally, the mathematical apparatus for researching energy transfer processes from the point of view of designing and managing the methods of designing and controlling the hybrid SPP of the CPC has been improved in order to reduce fuel consumption, emissions to the environment and increase the level of maintainability, flexibility and comfort.

Keyphrases: DMI-model, educational program, methodology, propulsion propeller, resistance to movement of the ship

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