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Towards Legally and Ethically Correct Online HTN Planning for Data Transfer

EasyChair Preprint no. 8550

12 pagesDate: August 1, 2022


Data transfer among servers is crucial for distributed data mining because many databases are distributed around the world. However, as data privacy is becoming more legally and ethically protected, it is necessary to abide by the laws and respect the ethical guidelines when transferring and utilizing data. Because information affecting legal/ethical decision making is often distributed, the data-transfer plan must be updated online when new information is obtained while transferring data among servers. In this study, we propose a dynamic hierarchical task network (HTN) planning method that considers legal and ethical norms while planning multihop data transfers and data analyses/transformations. In our knowledge representation, we show that data-transfer tasks can be represented by the task-decomposition rules of total-order HTN planning, legal norms can be expressed as the preconditions of tasks and actions, and ethical norms can be expressed as the costs of tasks and actions. In the middle of the plan execution, the online planner dynamically updates the plan based on new information obtained in accordance with laws and ethical guidelines.

Keyphrases: Application, data transfer, ethical reasoning, HTN planning, legal reasoning, logic programming, online planning

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