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Modeling Learning Behavior of Students of Mathematics

EasyChair Preprint no. 11417

11 pagesDate: November 29, 2023


This paper introduces an innovative approach to comprehending and
modeling the collective behaviors of students within the context of mathematics
education. The core objective is to present a comprehensive mathematical
framework capable of addressing the entire spectrum of behaviors
exhibited in mathematics classrooms. We introduce a novel SIR-based
model, tailored to capture behaviors under the influence of individual students.
Additionally, we propose that interactions among students across
different classrooms can serve as a regulatory mechanism for these behaviors.
To validate our approach, we conduct a series of simulations that
demonstrate the practicality and significance of our model. This paper significantly
contributes to the advancement of our understanding of student
behaviors in the realm of mathematics education and their mathematical
representation. By bridging the gap between mathematical modeling and
the intricate dynamics of student conduct, this work provides valuable
insights into the behaviors displayed in math classrooms.

Keyphrases: learning behavior, modeling, student behavior

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