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From real to virtual embodied performance - a case study between dance and technology.

EasyChair Preprint no. 949

8 pagesDate: May 1, 2019


Co:Lateral is an artistic project that aims to explore the means offered by digital technologies in performance. We conceptualized, developed and implemented a digital artifact, resulting in a digital performance based on the structure of realities born of a body and its double in movement. In this project, authors carried out a research and experimentation process in close collaboration with a contemporary dance company, in order to design the relation between real and virtual body and extend it in a relationship of intimacy with interactive virtual reality. The performative discourse that resulted from this dialogue allows a poetic impulse that evokes moments of the death of the swan immersed in an immaterial space of light and projection: a phantom of a dance file that now returns to a reality of illusory imprisonment. We will make a general introduction to digital art and interactivity, introducing the concept of digital performance and its contextualization in digital and contemporary art.

Keyphrases: artistic creation, cyberspace, dance, Digital Medium, digital performance, embodiment, Media Arts, Moving Body, performance art, Virtual Reality

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