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PHARMACOVIGILANCE - a Need of the Hour to Mitigate the Use of Banned Drugs in the Covid Pandemic

EasyChair Preprint no. 4498

24 pagesDate: November 2, 2020


Pharmacovigilance (PCV) supports safe and appropriate use of drugs that cause adverse effect on an individual. Spontaneous reporting of adverse drugs reactions (ADRs) is an essential part of PCV which leads to the early detection of the drugs. Before 1960, the drug safety issue was not taken into consideration and was in shadow. Detection of drugs came into existence after the thalidomide tragedy which happened in 1960. After this incidence the drug safety issues were globalised. Then the world health organisation established a programme related to the drug monitoring in the year 1968 and this paved the way for PCV. Even though the drug monitoring committee was established many years ago but most of the developing countries and under-developing countries are not strictly abiding by the policies and the guidelines. In the present world it is said that the patients getting hospitalised due to ADRs in some countries is about or more than 10%. In the present situation of covid pandemic large amount of drug administration needs to be done and for a new virus like covid for which there is no known vaccine or medicines the chances of adverse drug reactions are at its peak. Correct knowledge of  the adverse drug effect i.e. PCV, is the only best way to safeguard the public health.The use of banned drugs should be stopped immediately in order to avoid any further adverse drug reaction to the people using it. This paper mainly speaks about the usage of banned drugs which are still in use especially in developing counties. The main objective of the study is to know the probable usage of banned drugs mainly in developing countries like India and finding out suitable alternative remedy on how the PCV can be enforced in attaining the zero neutrality of banned drugs in circulation among the people and an initiate is also being made in social media and other mass media in implementing PCV.

Keyphrases: adverse drug reactions, Banned drugs, COVID pandemic, Pharmacovigilance, safety

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