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Design and Implementation of an IoT System for Smart Irrigation

EasyChair Preprint no. 5014

20 pagesDate: February 24, 2021


Irrigation is the process of spread on controlled amounts of water to plants. Irrigation is also the important factor for increasing agricultural production. Farmer is sill doing irrigation activities by manual that require time and extra effort. This can be made easier by creating a smart system that can help farmer by using microcontroller, so irrigation can be done automatically. The objective of the research is to build a smart irrigation system based on the Internet of things where irrigation system control and monitoring can be done online using the groundwater content sensor YL-69 and NodeMCU ESP 8266 as a microcontroller. The sensor readings of analog signal are converted into a water content value in the form of a percent (%) and displayed in the Blynk App as the IoT platform. During calibration test, four sensors used to ascertain the actual moisture content value being compared with the gravimetric test. The result shows that R2 value obtained were 0.9998, 0.9998, 0.9993, 0.9996 respectively for each sensor. The regression analysis was obtained by comparing the results of the sensor with gravimetric test results obtained an average result linear regression, the R2 value of control system I has 0.8533 with the RMSE value (Root Mean Square Error) 0.02 and control system II has a value of R2 0.8739 with an RMSE value of 0.02. The irrigation system built can save water as much as 58.2%.

Keyphrases: control system, Ground water Content, Internet of Things, Irrigation, Smart Irrigation

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