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Assessing the Impact of Metformin on the Viability of Lung Cancer Cells

EasyChair Preprint no. 13512

18 pagesDate: June 3, 2024


Additionally, the underlying mechanisms behind metformin's effects on lung cancer cells were explored through gene Lung cancer is a major global health concern, accounting for a significant number of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Metformin, a widely prescribed anti-diabetic drug, has recently garnered attention for its potential anti-cancer properties. This study aimed to assess the impact of metformin on the viability of lung cancer cells.


In this experimental study, lung cancer cell lines were cultured and treated with varying concentrations of metformin. Cell viability was evaluated using multiple assays, including cell proliferation, cell cycle analysis, and apoptosis assays. expression analysis and protein profiling.


The results demonstrated that metformin treatment significantly inhibited the proliferation of lung cancer cells in a dose-dependent manner. Cell cycle analysis revealed a notable increase in the proportion of cells arrested in the G0/G1 phase, suggesting a cell cycle arrest effect induced by metformin. Moreover, metformin treatment induced apoptosis in lung cancer cells, as evidenced by increased caspase activity and DNA fragmentation.

Keyphrases: Anti-cancer properties, cell cycle arrest, cell proliferation, Lung Cancer, Metformin, viability

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