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Regards - SWH Catalog & Datalake API

EasyChair Preprint no. 5213

4 pagesDate: March 24, 2021


CNES developed a Framework called REGARDS (REnewal of Generic tools to Access and aRchive Space Data) to catalog and archive space mission’s data, addressing various topics from Earth Observation to Astronomy, as well as physical sciences and technology. REGARDS is highly configurable and adaptable for Mission Centers (Life of Mission Archive) and for the thematic Data Centers (Long Term Archives).
This paper presents the main characteristics of REGARDS (functions, architecture, configuration and adaptation to meet the requirements of a project) and two use cases for the SWH (SPOT World Heritage) archive and for the renewal of the CNES long term storage facility (STAF).
For SWH, the paper presents the steps of the deployment of a REGARDS catalog containing about 20 million of products (30 years of data from SPOT 1 to SPOT 5 missions): prototyping, configuration and plugin development.
The CNES long term storage facility (STAF) relies on hardware (tape libraries) and a dedicated API, that will both be obsolete in a few years. One of the aims of the CNES DATALAKE project is to move archived data to a new infrastructure and to replace the STAF API by REGARDS. The paper shortly describes the evolution of the STAF service (from 1995) and the aims of the DATALAKE project. The paper focuses on the main steps of migration to a new API based on REGARDS.

Keyphrases: archives, catalog, data, Datalake, Long Term Archives, SPOT, storage, SWH

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