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Transformational Leadership Using IT to Increase the Success Rate of SMEs in Malaysia

EasyChair Preprint no. 6085

10 pagesDate: July 16, 2021


There is constantly a need to improve the success rate of SMEs in Malaysia. In this time of Covid 19, the whole world is working remotely. It’s inevitable of using IT to support, lead, and coach the team from remote locations. This study uses Literature survey to understand the existing transformational leadership (TL) behaviors that could be used by SMEs with the help of IT tools. In Malaysia even there is a huge gap between the SMEs and the success rate, its stated that we have an estimate of 60% failure of SMEs. With this Covid19 situation the SMEs are struggling to survive the lockdowns and managing projects remotely. There are proof that almost any SMEs in Malaysia are not able to withstand the first 5 years of start-up. Therefore, there is a voracious need to improve and Increase the success rate of a Small Medium Enterprise (SME). There is a need to Increase the success rate of a Small Medium Entrepreneur (SME) by integrating Leader-ship and IT tools as a support system. In this study, the link between the transformational leadership attributes and the IT tools that can be used to evaluate the leadership behaviours are mapped out. By using this IT tools, the leader would be able to en-hance their personal attributes by reaching out to the wider team

Keyphrases: ICT, IT tools, Leadership Behaviors, SME, SME success, transformational leadership

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