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Proposed Design and Modeling of Smart Energy Dashboard System by Implementing IoT (Internet of Things) Based on Mobile Devices

EasyChair Preprint no. 2228

6 pagesDate: December 22, 2019


Electricity is one of the most important needs of the community, efficient use of electricity is very difficult to do when people lack awareness and discipline in using electricity, one of the problems that often occurs is when the homeowner is not at the location and wants it. to control electrical equipment. Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept with the aim of expanding the connectivity of  internet networks connected to global networks, IoT can be used to control electronic  equipment remotely or automatically. This study aims to build a remote control device that utilizes internet technology by carrying out the process of controlling existing devices on the internet network through systems on mobile devices, the contribution of this research is to create designs and models that will be used to build smart energy devices that are applied to home features smart by using sensor devices so that electronic equipment can be controlled according to the desired conditions, automatically or remotely on the android application. The smart energy dashboard is designed using the ESP8266 MCU node which is connected to the Firebase cloud which will move the digital signal to the relay as an electrical circuit breaker. Based on the results of system testing at 90.3% usability, 85.8% functionality and 90% Reliability, the Efficiency aspect test obtained the highest level of CPU efficiency at the level of 28% and dropped stably at a percentage of 10%, for the highest memory usage of 119.2MB begins with a memory usage of 47.7MB out of a total allocation of 143.1 MB. The conclusion of this study is that the IoT-based smart energy Dashboard proposal can help in controlling electrical devices in real time.

Keyphrases: Internet of Things, Smart Building, Smart Home

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