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Exergetic, Exergoeconomic and Enviromental (3E) Analysis of a Trigeneration System Driven by a Biomass Gasifier, Gt and S-Co2

EasyChair Preprint no. 236

4 pagesDate: June 6, 2018


Recent depletion of fossil fuels along with increasing population and environmental concerns have brought up new methods for generating power, heating and cooling for daily uses. Waste heat recovery and utilization of renewable energies have drawn great attention in this regard. Gasification is a very suitable option for producing energy from biomass as it is a simple and economically viable process. In this paper, a biomass gasifier is used in order to generate syngas as a fuel of the CCHP system. Wood and air at environmental conditions enter the gasifier and go through the chemical process to produce syngas. To recover the heat from high-temperature exhaust heat, an S-CO2 and a double effect lithium bromide refrigeration cycle are used. A through thermodynamic, exergoeconomic and environmental study is conducted. In order to model the system, EES (Engineering Equation Solver) software is used. Exergy analysis results which are helpful in determining the irreversibilities in each component show that the highest and the second highest exergy destruction occurs in the combustion chamber and the gasifier, respectively. In fact, three sources of irreversibility, i.e., chemical reaction, mixing and temperature difference exist in these components while in the other components only one or two of these sources are present. Also, results of environmental analysis illustrate that when comparing to single generation, (not trigeneration and not using waste heat recovery options) CCHP system has higher efficiency and lower CO2 emission. The reduction of 50.62% in emitted CO2 to the environment is a good motivation to use waste heat recovery options of the systems as in CCHP systems.

Keyphrases: CCHP system, environmental impact, Exergoeconomic, Exergy, GT/S-CO2

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