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An Experimental Investigation on Use of Slate Waste In Concrete

EasyChair Preprint no. 7712

4 pagesDate: April 3, 2022


The slate waste is most of the one popular research areas that encompass a number of disciplines including in civil engineering and construction materials. In India slate waste is settled by the dumped away and sedimentation which affected to environment pollution and public health. therefore, utilization of the slate waste in various industrial sectors, agriculture, glass and paper industries would help to the protect environment. It is most essential to developed ecofriendly concrete from slate waste. In this research study the sand has been replaced by slate waste accordingly in the range of 15%, 20% & 25% by weight for M-25 grade concrete.   Concrete mixtures were produced, tested and compared in terms of workability and strength to the conventional concrete 7, 14 and 28 days of curing. This research work is concerned with the experimental investigation on strength of concrete and optimum percentage of the partial replacement by replacing sand (40%) via 15%,20% and 25%of slate waste. These tests were carried out to evaluate the mechnical properties for 7, 14 and 28 days, it’s been observed that the compressive strength of concrete increased up to 11.9%,28.51% and 8.73% by replacing 20% of slate waste. The experiment of investigation is the behaviour of concrete while replacing of sand with different proportion of slate waste in concrete by using test like compression test and temperature variation.

Keyphrases: eco-friendly, Free of cost, low cost, Slate waste, tempreature variation

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