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Understanding Lean Six Sigma 4.0 through Golden Circle Model

EasyChair Preprint no. 3314

9 pagesDate: May 2, 2020


Purpose: Lean Six Sigma Manufacturing is widely regarded as a potential methodology for manufacturing organizations to improve productivity and cut costs. Lean manufacturing success requires the organization to make consistent and conscious efforts, and has to overcome several hindrances. Industry 4.0 renders a factory smart by using sophisticated information and communication systems, as well as forward-looking technologies. This paper analyzes the incompletely understood link between Industry 4.0 and lean manufacturing, and explores whether Industry 4.0 is capable of lean implementation. Industry 4.0 is a cost-intensive process that is met with resistance from a number of manufacturers.

Keyphrases: golden circle, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, LEAN SIX SIGMA 4.0

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