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Smart Rain forest management and conservation program in Malaysia through MyTreevolution

EasyChair Preprint no. 2756

12 pagesDate: February 22, 2020


MyTreeVolution is the unique knowledge transfer and community services transformation project created by excellent experts from CEO Faculty Programme Cycle. MyTreeVolution has a mission to transform the method of planting activity and conservation of natural forest by having a commitment from Higher Education Institution to engage actively with stakeholders regarding planting inventory, public awareness and participation, big data management and finally consistent serving Malaysia Forest Restoration Plan. Since November 2017, our records planted and monitor up to 12,000 natural planted forest with assistance closely with seven government Malaysian universities. Next phase, involves the initiatives from more universities and private colleges, as the necessity in a combination of translational community services. MyTreeVolution has collaborated with Jabatan Perhutanan Semenanjung Malaysia (JPSM) as the main partner in supporting the idea of Industrial Revolution 4.0, towards the future coordination and administration in forest management support through communication, education, and public awareness (CEPA). Furthermore, quite numbers of engagement of stakeholders from DoE, LAs (local authorities), NGOs as well as participation from Industry, named integrated corporate social responsibility (i-CSR) committed to about RM 1 million from various aspects, including the plant seedlings. The project introduces Geo-trees concept in which Volunteer use a smartphone to collect tree inventory data using Geotrees mobile app and recorded in the database and later these data can be visualized in the Geotrees web mapping to estimate tree growth, carbon sequestration, and tree benefits. Overall, this program facilitates agencies, institutions, industry and other impacted stakeholders to improve the monitoring and action-plan of plants restoration via IoTs applications.

Keyphrases: forest management, Geotrees, IoTs, Sustainability

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