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Digital Livestock Farming 2030 and Beyond

EasyChair Preprint no. 11249

9 pagesDate: November 6, 2023


As we approach 2030, the agricultural landscape is undergoing a transformative shift, with Digital Livestock Farming (DLF) at its epicenter. DLF integrates advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and big data analytics to revolutionize traditional livestock management practices. This paradigm shift aims to address the mounting challenges of global food security, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. By 2030, DLF will enable real-time monitoring of individual animals, assessing health, behavior, and productivity through sensors, cameras, and wearable devices. These tools will provide farmers with actionable in-sights, allowing for timely interventions, optimized feed strategies, and personalized animal care. Machine Learning (ML) algorithms will predict dis-ease outbreaks, reproductive cycles, and potential stressors, ensuring optimal animal welfare and reducing economic losses. Furthermore, the integration of blockchain technology ensures traceability, transparency, and accountability in the supply chain. Consumers will have access to detailed information about the origin, health, and treatment of livestock, fostering trust and promoting ethical consumption. Beyond 2030, DLF will pave the way for autonomous farms, where AI-driven robots assist in tasks such as milking, feeding, and monitoring. These advancements will not only enhance efficiency but also reduce the human labor requirement, addressing workforce challenges in the agricultural sector. In conclusion, Digital Livestock Farming 2030 and beyond promises a future where technology and traditional farming practices harmoniously intersect. This fusion aims to ensure food security, elevate animal welfare standards, and promote sustainable and environmentally-friendly livestock farming practices, setting a new benchmark for the global agricultural industry.

Keyphrases: animal welfare, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Digital Agriculture, Digital Livestock Farming, Internet of Things, Smart Farming

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