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Cross-Cultural Posting Online Review Behavior: Service Attributes for Hotels in Cambodia

EasyChair Preprint no. 863

14 pagesDate: March 29, 2019


The objective of the paper is to analyze the cross-cultural posting behavior of online guest reviews in TripAdvisor differing between geographical characteristics. 4,000 online reviews that represent of 7 different regions with 47 nationalities of travelers were content-analyzed with Nvivo 11. The results show that European travelers post the greatest portion of comments on the online travel agencies’ (OTA) website, accounting for 28.30%, followed by North American (24.93%), Asian (24.58%) and Australian and Oceania (20.83%). By comparing satisfaction drivers for travelers from each region, the results reveal that Service, Cleanliness, and Room are the factors of satisfaction that are most important to travelers from all regions. The implications of the divergences in the abstracted themes are discussed within.

Keyphrases: Cambodia, eWOM, Geographical characteristics, online reviews, posting behaviour, service quality

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