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Innovation in Indian Housing: “Exploring 3D Printing’s Potential in Construction”

EasyChair Preprint no. 12100

5 pagesDate: February 13, 2024


The construction industry, a bastion of tradition, is undergoing a paradigm shift with the advent of 3D printing technology. This research delves into the 3D printing construction potential in the unique context of India, addressing three fundamental objectives. Firstly, a meticulous examination of the awareness and perceptions surrounding 3D printing technology among diverse stakeholders is conducted. Secondly, the research comprehensively evaluates the advantages linked to the utilization of 3D printing technology in the Indian construction sector. Beyond architectural possibilities, the study investigates economic, environmental, and efficiency benefits, drawing insights from global case studies. Thirdly, the research anticipates constraints and hurdles associated with incorporating 3D printing technology into the Indian construction ecosystem. Regulatory frameworks, technical limitations, economic considerations, and cultural factors are analyzed to provide a nuanced understanding. The motivation behind this research is grounded in the recognition that understanding 3D printing's implications in construction is a pragmatic response to the evolving needs of a nation on the brink of transformative infrastructural development. As India aspires towards ambitious targets for smart urbanization, affordable housing, and sustainable infrastructure, the insights derived from this research aim to serve as a guiding compass for policymakers, industry professionals, and researchers alike. The significance of this research lies in its potential to bridge the gap between traditional practices and innovative technologies, offering a roadmap for sustainable and efficient construction practices in India.

Keyphrases: 3DP, advantages, Awareness, disadvantages, Indian construction industry, Innovation, perception, sustainable development

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