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The Development of a Seasonal Event Matrix, a Case Study for the Mobile County Maritime Sector

EasyChair Preprint no. 10379

20 pagesDate: June 11, 2023


 Waterways and navigation operate within the contest of complex systems, but there is a need to examine navigation as related to monthly events. This paper developed a framework to collect and organize these events to assist port managers, operators, and other interested parties in understanding the essential events in a particular waterway sector. By managing the categories around the three E's of Sustainability: Environment, Equity and Economics, and Equity, the Seasonal Event Monthly (SEM) matrix was developed as a structured way to highlight these events.  This provides a framework for considering operational and monthly events which may be tied to climate change resiliency goals. A mixed approach of published information and local knowledge was used to create a matrix of normal, predictable events which occur in Mobile County, Alabama. The paper concluded that such a matrix could be developed using published sources, but the model does need to be verified with local knowledge.  In some ways, this basic research looks at developing a framework to organizing an understanding of the rhythm of a port area that can also be used as an input to other future studies related to navigation sector risk and capacity management.

Keyphrases: data, Maritime, Seasonal Risk, Sustainability, Weather

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